In-Depth Byte Aligners Review For 2021

Last Update: January 24, 2021

Can Byte Really Straighten Your Teeth in 3 Months?

Byte Aligners are the fastest way to straighten Teeth
"Fastest Home Aligner, Affordable Price, and Exceptional Customer Service are just some of Byte’s features."
Byte Review Overall Rating

Reasons That Make Byte Aligners A Great Option

  • #1 Byte aligners are the fastest option for teeth straightening at home. Affordable price, fastest treatment and great customer service.

  • #2 Thin and Clear aligners to make your treatment less invasive.

  • #3 For Life Guarantee is offered for Byte clear aligners. It ensures that your teeth will stay straight after the treatment is finished. Byte-For-Life Guarantee promises that your new smile will last for life.

  • #4 Free Whitening Kit lets you whiten your teeth at the same time as they are straightened. Saving you time and money.

  • #5 Free Retainers are offered with your Byte teeth treatment. This is a lot of money saved over other brands that charge up to $100 for retainers.

Keep reading this Byte Review for all the details. Or skip to the end to get the rundown on the fastest home aligner treatment.

Skip the braces and go with Byte clear aligners. They take your life to a whole new level. Everyone enjoys the finer things in life, and a beautiful smile is no exception.

This aligner offers a treatment which is 2x faster than any other aligner company. Furthermore byte’s affordable price is hard to beat. Their professional care team works around the clock to assist you. If you want to straighten your teeth, then you will find these features pretty awesome.

Our in-depth Byte Review will cover all the features of this great product. We will analyze specifics like affordability, comfort, and convenience.

Get Byte Invisible Aligners

Byte clear aligners offer a unique and custom design to match your needs at a very affordable price.

Click the button below to get the Byte Aligner.

Byte Clear Aligners Are Good Match For

  • Anyone on a budget or looking for the best price
  • Those who want aligners which are easily removable
  • Are looking for a comfortable and better fitting aligner
  • Need a virtually clear aligner
  • Do not want to do an in-person consultation
  • Want the fastest home aligner

Might Not Workd For

  • Those who prefer in-person consultation
  • Anyone who wants to pay more for high-end teeth aligner

If you decide to use their treatment, be sure to take advantage of this exclusive 70% off discount on their Impression Kit, plus another $100 off on clear aligners.

What Is Byte?

Byte teeth is a online teeth straightening company. They offer the fastest available treatment to straighten teeth at home in only 3 months. Byte aligners can be used to fix over-bite, reverse-bite, cross-bite and other teeth misalignment’s. 

Their products and services are very convenient. They offer great customer service to all their customers. 

Byte Price Breakdown


Byte Teeth kit is only $29.95 for a limited time.

Byte All Day Aligners

The plan includes everything you need to straighten teeth at home. You will get an Impression Kit, Smile Projection, Aligners, Retainers and Free Shipping.

Byte Clear ALIGNERS One TIme Payment

Byte Aligners cost $1,895. This price also includes an impression kit, all the aligners, and a whitening treatment.

Byte Retainers

Byte retainers are included with your Byte treatment plan. 

They offer easy and affordable payment options. You can check out all the Different Payment Options Below.

How Convenient Is The Byte Treatment?

Byte offers a program which is easy to follow and super affordable! Following the program is worth it because at the end all you would want to do is smile! 

If you think straightening teeth is expensive and too difficult. Then you are not familiar with Byte. Byte teeth treatment is very affordable and super easy to work with. They answer each and every question and resolve your problems quickly. 

They allow you to do everything online, so you do not have to ever visit a doctor’s office. With this in mind, imagine what you can do with all the time saved. 

You will receive your impression kit in the mail. Once you make an impression of your teeth, the kit will be sent back to Byte. Their expert orthodontists will analyze your mold and determine if you are good candidate for Byte invisible braces

Subsequently, if you are a good candidate then you will receive a 3-D preview of your future smile. If you are happy with the preview and agree to proceed, your personalized aligners will be shipped directly to you. Additionally you can also get a detail view of treatment steps below

It is common for customers to have questions, so it is very important to emphasize that Byte Customer Support o is well equipped to handle all your queries professionally in a timely manner.


If you are familiar with braces and teeth aligners, then you know they could cost you up to $8,000. With Byte you do not have to worry about those high costs. They offer two very affordable treatment options. One is the All-Day Invisible Aligner and the other is the premium At-Night Aligner

Byte works with their customers and offers different payment options. They accept insurance, HSA, FSA and CareCredit. They have something to satisfy everyone’s requirements. 

You have option to do a one-time payment or a payment plan for 29 months (all options are listed below). 

Although, Byte is not the cheapest option for teeth aligners at home. They are one of the fastest and most affordable. Their unique design and treatment programs allow them to standout from their competition. 

You can view a list of other affordable teeth aligners available. 

Byte Payment Options?

Byte has two treatment options for you to choose from. First option is their All-Day Invisible Aligner and the second option is their premium At-Night Aligner. Of course both are invisible aligners.

No hidden charges.

Byte aligners price will include everything needed.

  • Impression Kit
  • HyperByte
  • Orthodontist Virtual Consultations
  • Personalized Treatment Plan
  • Byte-For-Life Guarantee

Byte All-Day Aligners

$1,895 One Time Payment

$83 Per Month

Byte At-Night Aligners

$2,245 one time payment

$98 Per Month

Most importantly, the price includes everything needed for complete treatment. It even includes Free Retainers, which you can use at night after the treatment is complete. These will keep your teeth straight forever. Other companies often charge up to $100 for these retainers.

In addition, if you have less than ideal credit it is fine, Byte offers 100% approval with no impact to your credit. For our Byte Reviews, we made sure to highlight all the available payment options. They go above and beyond to provide quality treatment for the best price in the industry.

Payment Methods

You also have the option to use PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and all major credit and debit cards. They will work with you to use your Insurance, CareCredit, HSA and FSA plan to pay for Byte aligners treatment.

You can think of these as invisible braces minus the expensive price. Customers can enjoy saving money while their teeth are straightened in 3 months.

Byte Treatment Step-by-Step

Teeth straightening with Byte could not be made any simpler. Their proved detailed step-by-step treatment plan makes is very easy for anyone to follow along. 

Byte teeth treatment requires you to wear aligners 22 hours every day. This allows you to remove aligners while eating and drinking. 

Our experience and research on Byte treatment show that for most customers the treatment time is about 3 months.

3 Step Aligner Treatment

Step 1: Request Impression Kit

First step is to order Byte’s Impression Kit. Byte will mail your impression kit in 3-4 days. The kit contains everything to create a mold of your teeth to be sent back. Easy to follow instructions are included with the kit which it very easy to use. Once you finish with the kit, you simply mail it back to Byte. 

Step 2: 3D View Of Your Future Smile

Second, a 3D preview and a custom treatment plan will be sent to you for review. This is a great way for you to know what you can expect once the treatment is complete. This preview is a early impression of your future smile. You have a chance to work with the orthodontist who will answer all your questions and concerns. 

Using braces does not offer this personalized approach and you can only hope your teeth will come out looking better than where you started from. You can see what the 3D preview looks like below:

Byte 3D Preview

Step 3: Begin Treatment With Your Invisible Aligners

Third, Byte aligners arrive in mail and you can start using them right away. Using aligners for the first few times will feel unnatural. But it does not take long for you to adjust to wearing them every day. 

With Byte aligners you do not have to choose between having straight teeth and whitening. These invisible aligners are designed so you can use their premium white formula inside the aligners. This way your teeth are straightened and whitened at the same time. 

Byte also has the fastest treatment time of only 3 months. This allows you to get straight teeth at half of the time compared to other at home teeth aligner treatments. 

Byte Before and After

Customers have reported that they barely even notice wearing Byte clear aligners throughout the day. The design is super thin, so they fit perfectly around your teeth and the material used is crystal clear. Compared alongside other brands, Byte aligners before and after difference is apparent. 

Byte only takes 3 months to straighten your teeth. It is hard to believe but it is true. 

You can see great results from actual Byte aligner users. You will see the different it has made and the great results which you can expect. 

Byte vs. The Competition

Byte is not the cheapest option, but it is the quickest. Both, their Byte All-Day and Byte At-Night treatments are the fastest teeth straightening options available today

Byte vs. Smile Direct Club

Both cost the same if you are looking at Byte vs Smile Direct Club. Byte however stands out with their customer service record and the short treatment time. With Smile Direct Club you will have to wear aligners for up to 10 months. Meanwhile you would be done in under 6 months depending on which treatment you decide to proceed with.

Smile Direct Club does offer in-person consultation for those looking to meet their orthodontists face-to-face. Byte has the fastest home aligner treatment time of only 3 months.

Byte Vs. Candid

Candid treatment twice twice as long compared to Byte. They also charge more for their service. At $2,400, Candid costs more than Byte. Candid has developed their own app which lets you track and provide updates on your home aligner treatment. They have quite a few retails locations for anyone wanting to do their dental scans in-person.

Byte Vs. AlignerCo

Byte is a little more established, while AlignerCo is new to the home teeth straightening market. They both use the latest technology. AlignerCo has the most affordable price of $1,145. On the other hand, Byte has the fastest treatment of only 3-months.

Byte’s HyperByte technology allows you to to comfortably straighten teeth at home in 3 months. If you are not in a rush then you can get go with the cheaper price of AlignerCo. 

To get a close look at byte, you can check out our in-depth AlignerCo review.

Byte Customer Service

Teeth aligner treatment is a big step, both financially and physically. That is why you should be sure that you are working with a customer-oriented company. 

Byte Customer Support is based in the US, which means you will get excellent customer service. You can contact them via text message, by phone, social media and via emails. You can be sure you will get response to your questions within 24 hours. 

They are swift to answer your questions, whether it is how to use the molding kit to make teeth impressions, switching aligners or how to use your HSA card to pay for your teeth treatment. 

They want their customers to be happy and do everything to make your experience with them is positive. 

Below customer Byte reviews let you look at honest feedback based on their experience. Above all, customers have reported exceptional communications from the time they visit Byte’s website to the last day of their treatment and beyond.

Byte Reviews From Customer

Byte Quality and Effectiveness

Byte clear aligners are made with FDA Approved, clear BPA-Free plastic. This is an advantage over other brands such as SmileDirectClub and Invisalign which offer home aligners that are not fully see through.

Their HyperByte technology uses high frequency vibration which cuts your treatment time in half. This clear aligner is so effective that the average Byte treatment time is only 3 months.

Undoubtedly, this is faster than any other home aligner treatment available in the world. This technology not only accelerates teeth straightening, but it also reduces discomfort and helps to seat aligners better around your teeth.

Byte invisible aligners are perfect to address spacing, crowding, common misalignments, and bite issues. The impression kit does a great job of capturing your dental impression so their orthodontists will have all the details needed to prepare your customized treatment.

Byte aligners are evenly cut on top, so they will not follow the gum line other brands. Although you might think this would be an issue, most users have not reported any issues or even noticed the difference.

In addition, Byte manufactures their aligners using sophisticated patented development process. They utilize cutting edge technology grouped with years of expertise and customer feedback. All this should assure you that Byte home aligners will meet your every need. 

Refund Policy

If Byte’s dentists determine you are not a good candidate for their treatment, certainly, they will refund the price of your impression kit. Once you began your treatment there is no refund option. However, Byte will work with you to make any corrections needed if you are not fully satisfied with the treatment. 

Byte-For-Life Guarantee promises that your new smile will last for life. If your teeth slip out of place after the treatment is complete, they will send you new aligners to make adjustment at no charge to you. Please be sure to follow instructions when using aligners to keep this guarantee valid. 

No one else offers this service. Byte puts their customers first. This should allow you to have a peace-of-mind if you decide to go with Byte aligners

Byte Aligners Review Overall Summary

To sum it up, Byte aligner are versatile enough to be comfortable for all day use. Their At-Night aligners are a great if you want to skip the daytime use of aligners and only wear aligners while you are sleeping. You can simply wear aligners for 10 hours at night instead of the regular All-Day Invisible Aligner which require 22 hours of daily use. 

In short, Byte is a great option for anyone wanting fast, reliable, and affordable teeth straightening done. They offers superior aligners that are reasonably priced, that get the job done in half the time when compared to other aligner brands. 

Byte’s 3-month treatment is the shortest in the industry. They only use orthodontists to create and monitor your treatment. This ensures you will get the best medical attention possible. At the same time, their customer service is very professional and reliable. 

In conclusion, customers have clearly conveyed their satisfaction based on their simple and straightforward experience at the most reduced cost available on the market. From start to finish your treatment will take between 3 – 5 months. That is half the time compare to getting braces to straighten your teeth. 

Does Byte Really Work

This is the question that might be popping in your head. If you’ve had a chance to look at the customer reviews and the Byte aligners before and after pictures above. You can tell how happy customers are with their new smiles. 

In short, this treatment works great for everyone. It has been tried and tested by thousands of people. 

They truly make every effort to satisfy all their customers. 

We hope we were able to assist you in your search for aligners in this Byte review. 

Do not forget to use our special 70% off discount on your Impression Kit and $100 off on Byte aligners.

Byte Risk Free

Get Byte Clear Aligners

Byte clear aligners offer a unique and custom design to match your needs at a very affordable price.

Click the button below to get the Byte Aligner.


Byte can straighten your teeth in as little as 3 months. It is only 90 days from the time you first put on the byte aligners to the last day when you have your new smile.

Experts and orthodontists strongly discourage eating/chewing or drinking hot/cold beverages with Byte aligners on. However, it is safe for you to drink water.

It is not safe to use their regular aligners while sleeping. There are aligners which are available to be used while sleeping.

However, they do offer Nigh Only aligners which can safely be used at night. 

Click here to view the Night Only aligners.

Byte teeth reviews from customers have not indicated any taste or odors.

Users hardly notice having these in since they are very flexible and light weight.

You can easily clean them by placing them under running water and gently rubbing them using a soft-bristled toothbrush. It is recommended to avoid toothpaste and mouthwash products.

Anyone age 14 and above will be a good candidate for Byte invisible aligners treatment.

  1. Is Byte better than AlignerCo? I like it because AlignerCo’s affordable price is great. But been thinking about Byte invisible braces because of their fast straightening.

    • I used Byte because their treatment only took 3 months to fix my teeth. Byte invisible aligners costs a little more but it’s worth it. I rather do that than double my treatment time. Trust me you can’t beat 3 months to a new smile, no matter what.

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