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5 Best Teeth Aligners (Reviewed & Ranked)

By: The Teeth Care Team
Last Update: January 24, 2021
Best Teeth Aligners

Are you satisfied with your smile?

Are your teeth misaligned and do they keep you from smiling freely?

Well, you are not alone. Millions of people have been in your shoes. Everyone wants to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile. People can either search for the best invisible braces to straighten teeth at home. Or just ignore the problem altogether until it worsens.

Are one of the people looking for the best teeth aligners?
If yes, then you have come to the right place. We did all the research and digging for you.

Many people wish to have straighter teeth and a beautiful smile. But not everyone can afford to spend money on expensive dental procedures. There are many options and treatments available, both online and in-person. All these options can be confusing. As as result, it’s hard to find all the details you need in one place.

We’ve reviewed & ranked the 5 best teeth straighteners. These are the highest rated, most affordable ways to get straighter teeth at home. All of these teeth straightening options will suit your needs. Keep reading to discover all the important details that make these clear aligners stand out from the competition.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best teeth aligners.

Teeth Alignment Options

In the olden days, teeth straightening was a complicated process. You had to visit orthodontists, get x-rays done, repeatedly go in for checkups and pay for expensive braces. Not to mention, wearing braces for up to 36 months. Certainly, no one wants metal wires stuck in their mouth.

Thanks to technology advances and the internet, you can straighten your teeth from the comfort of your own. The new way to get a beautiful smile is to use clear teeth aligners. These aligners get the job done in as little as 3 months.

In addition, online teeth aligners cost much less than braces and orthodontist treatments.

What Are Invisible Braces (Clear Teeth Aligners)?

What are teeth aligners

Teeth aligners are designed to help straighten teeth over time. This leads to a better smile and an overall better appearance.

Invisible braces are also known as clear braces, clear teeth aligners, and invisible aligners. They are made of thin and transparent plastic materials. You wear these plastic trays over your teeth. Most treatments will require 15-20 sets of clear teeth aligners trays.

Each new set of aligners have minor difference in shape. This difference is what causes your teeth to gradually align to their proper place. The treatments can last from 3 to 12 months.

Clear braces and invisible teeth aligners are not the same as traditional braces. Traditional braces are made of metal or ceramic materials. They attach directly to your teeth and can only be removed by an orthodontist. 

On the other hand, invisible aligners (clear braces) are made of really thin and transparent plastics. One of many advantages of invisible aligners is that you can remove them whenever you need to.

Meanwhile, you will have to wear clear braces throughout your treatment. It’s nice to know you wouldn’t have something stuck on your teeth permanently for 12 months.

Top 5: Best Invisible Braces

Although, these companies have different treatment plans, prices, and duration for clear braces. The process for obtaining invisible aligners online is similar. There is more information below which will make your search for perfect aligners a little easier. Keep reading.

Below are the top five companies that offer invisible teeth aligners at home for you.

BrandAlignerCoByteNewSmileCandidStraight My Teeth (Europe only)
Complete Price$1,145$1,895$1,795$2,400£999
Impression Kit$39.99$29.95$0$95£44.99
Treatment Duration6-10 Months3-5 Months4-5 Months5-15 Months6-10 Months
TreatsSpacing, Crowding, Bite IssuesBite Issues, Spacing, CrowdingMinor Bite Issues, Spacing, CrowdingSpacing, Bite Issues, CrowdingCrowding, Spacing, Bite Issues
GuaranteeLifetimeRefund If Not Eligible30 DaysRefund If Not Eligible

There are so many teeth straightening options available.

It can be hard to sort through all these companies to figure out which is the best option for you.

You can order teeth aligners online and they will be delivered to your front door. The process is simple and straight forward. First, you order an impression kit and submit molds of your teeth. Doctors and orthodontists who work with online aligner companies will determine if you are a good candidate.

Second, you will receive a 3D preview of your future smile. You will have a chance review and make changes to the treatment. After that, your aligners will arrive in the mail. You can start wearing aligners and switch to a new set every two weeks.

After your treatment is finished, retainers might be required to allow your teeth to settle into their new place. Moreover, all above aligner companies will offer retainers as part of their treatment for free. You can start and finish the treatment from your home. Most importantly, all this is done by skipping office visits and expensive costs.

We reviewed and researched many different online aligner companies. The end result is many of them offer the same treatment. The main difference is between the price, the treatment length, and their customer service. Above all, the list of best teeth aligners below ranked high in all of these categories.

#1 AlignerCo


Most Affordable Teeth Straightening At Home

AlignerCo Clear Aligners
Impression Kit Cost

On Sale For $39.99

Free Shipping

Full Treatment Cost

$1,145 One Time Payment


$110 Per Month With $0 Down


$95 Per Month With $275 Down

6 Month Treatment Duration

Most Affordable Treatment Available

All Clear Braces Included

Free Retainers

No Hidden Costs

Best Customer Service

AlignerCo offers the best teeth straighteners online. It is our #1 recommendation to readers and our friends & family.

They are based in New York. This is a newcomer brand which is making headlines. Out of all the brands we’ve reviewed, AlignerCo has the most affordable teeth straightening options. It was created to deliver straighter teeth at home for those looking for the best deal possible.

If you want to straighten your teeth at the most affordable price, try AlignerCo. You will not be disappointed and will love your new smile. They have many payment options available to suit your needs.

Their treatment lasts 6 months on average. AlignerCo delivers quality care with FDA-approved aligners. These are the clearest aligners on the market.

They provide great customer service and make straightening teeth at home a hassle-free process. In addition, they have a 4.8 out of 5 TrustPilot rating. Therefore, this highlights their commitment to keeping customers happy.

#2 Byte


Fastest Teeth Straightening

Byte Invisible Aligner
Impression Kit Cost

On Sale For $29.95

Free Shipping

Full Treatment Cost

$1,895 One Time Payment


$83 Per Month With $349 Down

3 Month Treatment Duration

Fastest Treatment Available

All Clear Braces Included

Free Retainers

No Hidden Charges

Great Customer Service

Affordable Price

Byte is the fastest way to straighten teeth in as little as 3 months.

If you want to straighten your teeth at home and want it done as fast as possible, Byte’s clear braces is what you need. Byte’s average treatment time is only 3 months. In other words, this is half the time compared to their competitors. 

It was founded by celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Jon Marashi. This accelerated teeth alignment program coupled with a lifetime guarantee is hard to beat.

Byte uses HyperByte technology which uses high frequency vibration technology to shorten the teeth straightening process in half. This technology is FDA approved and is monitored by experienced orthodontists.

Consequently, they will design a personalized treatment plan just for you to deliver the smile you’ve been waiting for. Byte has excellent customer service along with the best teeth straightening online.

#3 NewSmile


One Of The Fastest Teeth Straighteners

Impression Kit Cost


Full Treatment Cost

$1,795 One Time Payment


$83 Per Month With $395 Down

4 Month Treatment Duration

App For Progress Monitoring

All Clear Teeth Aligners Included

Free Retainers

Free Whitening Kit

No Hidden Charges

Great Customer Service

Read Full NewSmile Review

NewSmile is a well-known brand that has provided quality teeth aligners to their customers in Canada for many years. Now they have introduced their best teeth aligners to the United States. 

They offer a very competitive price, and their treatment time can be as little as 4 months. Moreover, they use FDA approved, BPA free plastics to construct their clear braces.

There aren’t too many NewSmile reviews online because they haven’t been in the US market for too long. But they are quickly becoming a very popular teeth straightening option. 

They only use qualified doctors and orthodontists to create and monitor your treatment. Their customer service staff is highly professional and trained to satisfy all your needs.

#4 Candid


Premium Quality Home Teeth Straightening Kit

Impression Kit Cost


Free Shipping

Full Treatment Cost

$2,400 One Time Payment


$99 Per Month With $399 Down

6 Month Treatment Duration

App For Communication

All Clear Braces Needed

Free Whitening Kit

No Hidden Charges

Exceptional Customer Experience

Affordable Payment Options

Candid is another great option if you are looking to straighten your teeth. They specialize in clear braces that are designed to progressively straighten your teeth at home. It is based out of New York. They deliver high quality care through their experienced orthodontists.

Candid requires their orthodontists to have at least 10 years of experience to join the Candid team. This guarantees you the best teeth straightening treatment possible. Many Candid aligners reviews have mentioned that Candid has strict requirements to be eligible for their clear braces.

They offer many different payment options, so it is affordable for everyone. Their customer support staff are highly trained to answer your every question.

#5 StraightMyTeeth


Best Value In Europe and UK

Straight My Teeth
Impression Kit Cost


Full Treatment Cost

£999 One Time Payment


£67 Per Month With £295 Down

6 Month Treatment Duration

Best Treatment In Europe & UK

All Invisible Aligners Included

Free Whitening Kit

No Hidden Costs

Best Value

StraightMyTeeth aligners got their start in 2018. This provide the best teeth straightening kit if you are in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, or UK

They are a sister company of AlignerCo which is well known in USA and Canada. StraightMyTeeth aligners are made of BPA-free plastics. Therefore, this top of the line medical grade plastic allows clear braces to be clearest in the world.

They have plenty of experience with helping people get beautiful and confident smiles. They provide excellent customer service. If you want the best teeth aligners in Europe, then StraightMyTeeth is what you need.

You can also visit their Smile Studio to have your dental impression taken.

How Do Teeth Aligners Work?

Teeth aligners will be delivered as a package. This package will contain several aligners sets (up-to 26). Each of these aligners will be worn for two weeks at a time. After two weeks you would move on to a new set of aligners which were delivered to you.

On average, each aligner tray will reposition your teeth from .2mm to .3mm. This gradual pace is required to minimize tooth pain. Once the clear aligner treatment is completed, retainers might be required for a short period. This is to say, retainers aren’t designed to move teeth. Instead, they ensure your teeth stay-in-place in their new position.

The whole process will last between 3 to 12 months based on which aligner brand is selected. You will need to wear aligners for up-to 22 hours a day. Certainly, you can remove aligners to eat or drink and while brushing teeth.

To ensure best results, clear braces are customized to suit your individual needs. Each set of aligners is specific to your treatment needs. Every new set of clear aligners is slightly different in shape. This gradually straightens your teeth two weeks at a time.

What Makes Them So Popular?

Home teeth straightening kit is becoming really popular with those looking to straighten teeth. These clear braces really appeal to people on a budget or those who don’t have enough time to go to frequent dental appointments for checkups.

Clear aligners offer a way to straighten teeth at an affordable price. However, it does not mean the treatment is somehow unsafe or unregulated. For example, reputable clear aligner companies use FDA approved materials to construct their aligners. Furthermore, they also use expert doctors and orthodontists to create and monitor your treatment.

Another reason people love clear aligners is because these aligners are so thin and transparent. No one wants to have wires in their mouth for 12 plus months. These clear aligners allow you to live your life uninterrupted. Above all, people don’t even notice when someone is wearing clear teeth aligners.

There are so many advantages which teeth aligners when compared to other teeth straightening at home options. Advantages like these are make teeth aligners so popular with consumers. Nowadays, even dentists and orthodontists are recommending clear teeth aligners. They have acknowledged how customers enjoy the affordable price and convenience of clear teeth aligners.

Which Conditions Can Be Treated With At Home Aligners?

Treatable conditions with clear teeth aligners

Most companies are able to treat and fix mild to severe cases of teeth misalignments. At home teeth straightening kits are easily able to treat mild to moderate cases of following teeth misalignments:

  • Teeth Gaps
  • Overjet
  • Overbite
  • Openbite
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Crowding
  • Crooked Teeth

As there are many advantages to home teeth straightening kits, there are also some limitations. Occasionally, a company will not be able to treat cases which are too severe. Face-to-face care is more suitable for those who have a complicate bite issue or a severe case of misalignment.

That is one of the limitations for this type of treatment. It cannot fix severe cases of premolars, bridgework, and back tooth bites. These cases will need assistance of rubber bands and other accessories used with braces to straighten teeth.

Invisible Braces vs. Metal Braces

Metal braces were the traditional treatment method to straighten teeth. Clear braces or clear teeth aligners are the new way to straighten teeth at home.

Teeth aligners aren’t as invasive as braces. They are designed to be super thin and transparent. Clear aligners are shipped directly to you. You wear them at your own convenience. Most people will not even notice if someone is wearing clear teeth aligners.

On the other hand, braces change your mouth’s appearance altogether. Braces are designed to be attached to your teeth for up-to 3 years. That is a long time to have metal wires stuck in your mouth 24 hours a day, every day.

Clear AlignersMetal Braces
Treatment Time3-12 Months12-36 Months
Adjustment TimesNone2-3 Months
Additional AccessoriesNoneSprings or Rubber Bands
InstallationNoneBy Orthodontist
Food RestrictionsNoneYes
AppearanceNot VisibleVisible To Everyone

Cleaning and Maintenance Comparisons

Maintenance of metal braces and teeth aligners is completely different. Traditional metal braces may need to be attached to your teeth for up to 36 months. You cannot remove them to eat, drink or to brush teeth.

You are required to visit a doctor or an orthodontist for regular cleaning. They will thoroughly clean your braces and the areas around them. This is required regularly, even every few weeks because braces easily trap food particles.

Besides food, bacteria and plaque can accumulate around the brackets which are glued to your teeth. Therefore, these items need to be removed thoroughly. If not cleaned properly, metal braces can cause permanent damage to your teeth and cause cavities.

On the other hand, clear aligners are much easier to maintain. Clear aligner sets are replaced every two weeks. In addition, you can remove teeth aligners to brush and to eat or drink.

Clear Braces Maintenance

Braces will also require regular adjustments and inspections by orthodontists.

This is done to make sure your treatment stays on track and your teeth are repositioning properly. Teeth aligners do not require any repositioning or special adjustment. Invisible aligners are clearly a better option to straighten teeth. The aligners you receive at home are all you need to straighten teeth.

The common thing between braces and teeth aligners is retainers. Most people will need to wear retainers after their treatment is over. This is to say, retainers serve a different function than braces and clear teeth aligners.

Instead, they prevent teeth from moving out of their new position. Retainers allow for teeth to adjust and settle into their new place. Your specific needs might differ, this will be determined by an orthodontist.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teeth Aligners

Clear teeth aligners have many advantages over braces. Such as, more affordable, shorter treatment and at home convenience. However, there are some disadvantages to using aligners.

One of these is that they are not suitable for everyone. Specially if someone is need of severe teeth alignment. Below, you can see all pros and cons of teeth aligners.

Pros and Cons of Clear Braces


Affordable price: The cost of clear teeth aligners is really great compared to braces and other treatment methods. In other words, clear braces cost about 1/3 of what metal braces or Invisalign will cost.

Short treatment time: At home aligner treatments are really short compared to braces and other teeth straighteners. They can be as short as 3 months up to 12 months. Braces and Invisalign could take as long as 36 months to straighten teeth.

At home convenience: This is a great option for everyone. It allows you to skip doctor office visits and complete your treatment out of the comfort of your own home.

Removable when needed: Although you need to wear aligners for 22 hours a day. Unlike braces, You can still remove them when needed.

Easy to clean and maintain: Clear teeth aligners are easy to clean and maintain. Since you only wear a set of aligners for two weeks, they will not become dirty or accumulate food. You can remove them to eat, drink and while brushing.

More comfortable to wear: At home aligners are comfortable to wear and do not cause too much pain. Similarly, there are no invasive procedures associated with this treatment.


Severity: Not suitable for those who have severe teeth misalignments or complicated bite issues.

X-rays: Online clear teeth aligner companies will not conduct an X-ray before creating your treatment. It is a good idea to get one done to confirm there are not any hidden issues.

Lost & damage: Teeth aligners are easy to lose or get damage since they are removable.

After looking at pros and cons of both treatments, you might be thinking, now what. Teeth aligners are a great teeth straightening option for most people.

In short, it is best to let the professional orthodontists and doctors determine which option is best for you. They will decide if you are suitable for a clear teeth aligner treatment and what the required treatment time should be.

Clear Aligner Cost – Online vs Through An Orthodontist

There are many companies which allow you to buy teeth aligners online. They offer great prices, shorter treatment times and exceptional customer service. So, why would anyone want to get their aligners for a doctor or an orthodontist?

Clear Aligner Cost

Middleman Markup by Orthodontists

Doctors and orthodontists act as middlemen. Their aligner quality is not any better than the ones you would buy online. However, their cost is significantly higher. They order one aligner at a time which raises cost of production.

Orthodontists Have Overhead Expenses

Prices are higher with an orthodontist because they have additional expenses such as office rent. Online aligner companies offer same quality treatment created by doctors and orthodontists. This is done at an affordable price and in a convenience manner.

Online Aligners Have Their Own Manufacturing Facilities

If you buy aligners from an orthodontist, you could end up paying between $3,000 and $7,000. This is because they do not manufacture clear aligners. Instead, they order through third party vendors. This significantly increases the price you pay.

On the other hand, online aligners brands buy their supplies in bulk and pass the savings on to consumers. The brands you have read about above even manufacture their clear braces in-house. This is much more cost efficient when compared to buying from an orthodontist.

Orthodontists Have Hidden Costs and Fees

Orthodontists charge you for in-person exams, retainers, and additional fees. There are no hidden costs with online teeth aligners. The price you see if the price you pay. Many online aligner companies even offer free retainers.

Meanwhile, orthodontists could charge you up to $1,000 for retainers. This means you might end up paying up to $8,000 for teeth straightening.

To summarize, online teeth aligners offer affordable prices and great teeth straightening options. You get personalized treatment at a fraction of the cost when compared to doctors and orthodontists. Online aligners companies have a fixed price and that is what you pay. There are no hidden charges, and your price will not go up after your treatment starts.

Orthodontists have many overhead expenses which you will end up paying through your treatment cost. Therefore, you don’t need to pay an orthodontists for clear aligners when you can get the same quality care at a fraction of the cost.

Factors To Consider Before Deciding


When it comes to online teeth aligner brands, most are very affordable. These cost a fraction of what braces or Invisalign would cost. Braces or aligners from an orthodontist could cost you up to $7,000.

Meanwhile, clear aligners from online brands costs as little as $1,145. This means they are affordable for most people. For that reason, this is an important decision factor when looking for the best teeth aligner.

Treatment Duration

This is another important aspect to consider before making your decision. Clear aligners offer very convenient treatments. Some even take as little as 3 months to deliver a brand-new smile. On the other hand, metal braces and Invisalign could take as long as 36 months to deliver similar results.

Quality and Effectiveness

You should not compromise on quality. The quality of the product matters as much as the price and other factors. You should only consider the highest quality aligners to ensure you are happy with the end result. All the invisible aligners above deliver premium quality products using state of the art technology with FDA Approved materials.

The whole point of doing research is to find the best invisible braces to straighten your teeth. That is why finding a product that is going to be effective to straighten your teeth is important. We did our research and reviewed products to filter out aligners which do not deliver on their promise. We consider effectiveness as the most important factor when recommending clear teeth aligners.


This is another important thing to consider because you will be wearing aligners for up to 22 hours a day. You do not want to be stuck with a product which is unsafe or hinders your daily routine. All the aligners above use ultra-thin, transparent and FDA approved, BPA free plastics to manufacture their products. These aligners are hardly noticeable when someone is wearing them.


Let’s face it, no one wants to spend hours waiting to see a doctor. Thanks to online aligner companies, skipping hours spent at the doctor’s office is a dream come true. You can get straighter, healthier teeth from the comfort of your home. You can use the time saved to do things you want instead of sitting in an office, waiting.

Customer Service

It is very important to only select a treatment provider who appreciates their customers. You want to go with a company that listens to your concerns. After all, you do not want to be stuck, waiting on the phone if you run into any issues.

This was another important factor we used to select only the companies that deliver on their promise and provide excellent customer service.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Why should I use Invisible Teeth Aligners?

This is the fastest and most affordable way for most people to straighten their teeth.

Most important of all, they save you time. Invisible aligners can straighten your teeth in as little as 3 months. While some take up to 12 months to do the job. There is no need to wait for 3 years to straighten your teeth with metal braces. It can be done in a fraction of the time with clear braces.

Invisible teeth aligners are also very affordable. Most cost less than $2,000. This makes it a great option for everyone. On the other hand, metal braces and Invisalign can cost you more than $8,000. Savings thousands of dollars is a great reason to use aligners over braces.

In addition, clear braces do not interfere with your life. People will not notice if you are wearing clear aligners or not. This way, they do not change the way you live your day-to-day life. No need for metal braces to ruin your smile.

Invisible aligners are very convenient. Clear aligners can be purchased from the comfort of your own home. This eliminates the need for office visits to a doctor or an orthodontist. The whole treatment is monitored virtually.

It is a safe way to straighten teeth at home. Most respected brands have licensed orthodontists. They create and monitor your treatment. They have high standards due their experience. This guarantees you will get the best treatment possible.

Who is eligible for online teeth aligners?

Not everyone will be eligible for clear teeth aligners.

If you need more help, such as braces or dental surgery to straighten teeth. In that case, you will not qualify for clear aligners. Online aligners companies will ask you a series of question upfront to see if you match certain criteria for invisible aligners.

First step is to order a home teeth straightening kit from one of the companies listed above. You will use this impression kit to make a mold of your teeth to be sent back to the company. Then a dental expert will determine if you are eligible for clear teeth aligners.

For the most part, you will be reimbursed for the cost of impression kit once you decide to go with their clear aligners. If you make a mistake and need to order another impression kit, you are in luck. Most above brands will also refund the cost or give you credit towards aligners if you need more than one impression kit.

If it is determined that you are not a good candidate for clear aligners, most above brands will reimburse the price of the impression kits.

Where can I buy clear teeth aligners online?

When it comes to option, there are many affordable and convenient online teeth aligner companies. Deciding which one you want to buy is the first to a beautiful smile.

You cannot just buy teeth aligners. An impression kit must be ordered to create dental impressions. Then a qualified dental professional will determine if you qualify for clear aligners. Your clear aligners will be customized to your exact needs because ever case is different.

As you have seen above, we have listed the top 5 brands that offer the best teeth aligners, delivered right to your front door. All of these companies allow you to order teeth aligners from your home. You can start your treatment right away. It is created and monitored by licensed doctors and orthodontists.

Which is the best teeth aligners company?

When it comes to selecting the best teeth aligners to suit your needs, the choice is not easy. There are so many great options to decide from. All the options might seem great because they offer similar products at competitive prices. We believe that Byte and AlignerCo home teeth aligners stand above the rest.

Choose Byte: If you want the shortest treatment possible. Their invisible teeth aligners (clear braces) can deliver a beautiful, straight smile in just 3 months. They are also very affordable and known to deliver on their promise.

Choose AlignerCo: If you want the most affordable way to straighten teeth. They offer the best price, great treatment options and have served thousands of happy customers.

These are both the most affordable options, provide excellent customer service and offer short, convenient treatments. Hundreds of thousands of people have transformed their smiles by using invisible aligners from these online brands.

Whichever service you select to correct your teeth, just make sure it is within your budget. You should also be comfortable with the treatment time.

Are aligners safe?

You might be wondering, are aligners safe? Aligners are absolutely a safe way to straighten your teeth. Clear aligners are manufactured using BPA free, FDA approved plastics which makes them safe to use.

Above mentioned aligners companies use highly qualified and experienced doctors and orthodontists to establish and monitor your treatment. You will be getting the expert care you deserve. You will submit progress photos regularly. They will regular review your progress and make any changes that are required.

How long with the clear aligner treatment last?

Two factors will determine how long the treatment lasts. First, your specific dental needs matter. Second, the clear aligner brand you decide to use will matter. Since every case is unique, treatment times will differ in length.

On average, clear aligner treatments will last between 3 and 12 months.

Do aligners cause tooth pain?

Minimal pain is normal. This is because your teeth are moving to their proper place really slowly. This is more of a discomfort than pain. Couple of ways to minimize this is to eat gum or chewy foods. Also, drinking and eating cold food and beverages help a lot.

Do people get used to wearing aligners?

Wearing aligners for the first few days will feel awkward. After that you will slowly get used to wearing invisible aligners. Since you have to switch to new aligners every two weeks, the first few hours will cause minimal irritation. As the treatment progresses, you will notice less and less discomfort.

Will my teeth move back after the treatment is finished?

Since your teeth will be in a new place rather than where they have been your whole life, they will try to move back. This is where retainers come into play. Retainers are designed to hold your teeth in their new place. This allows for teeth to stay and settle in their new position.

Do not worry, retainers will only need to be worn for a short period after your treatment is complete. In addition, you will only need to wear them at night instead of all day. Above all, the companies we reviewed will offer retainers along with their treatments.

Which Home Aligner Is Best For You?

Do you want to know which are the best teeth aligners for you?

The best way to find out is to simply go on their website and order your impression kit. This kit will be used to create a mold of your teeth to be sent back to the company. Their expert doctors or orthodontists will then determine if you are a good candidate for at home teeth straightening treatment.

Moreover, you will be able to see a preview of what your smile will look like after your teeth have been straightened. Once you approve the treatment, your new aligners will arrive in the mail.

If you decide to go with AlignerCo or Byte, their price includes the impression kit as well as retainers. These are two of the best teeth straighteners available. You have nothing to lose, many brands will even refund the cost of impression kits if you are not a candidate for their treatment. Similarly, many brands will refund the price once order your aligners.

Nothing should stop you from having a beautiful smile.

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